CoMotion 2023: Nov 14-16 | Los Angeles, USA + Online

Program 2018

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Registration & Information

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  • to 9:10am


  • John Rossant, Founder & Chief Curator, LA CoMotion

  • from 9:10
  • to 9:25am

Opening Keynote

  • Eric Garcetti, Mayor, Los Angeles

  • from 9:25
  • to 10:10am
Inclusive Transportation
Shared Transportation
Cities 3.0: Mobility Infrastructure

Opening Panel - Better Transportation > Better Cities > Better Living

New mobility must benefit everyone. Neither the public sector nor the private sector can do it alone: inclusive and equitable access and coverage are essential to building a transportation system that can unlock and sustain real value for a city and its residents. The ability to move seamlessly through urban landscapes can fundamentally reshape them as more equitable and dynamic places to live. What is the best role for public agencies and private sector companies when it comes to ‘public’ transportation? How can better transportation reshape commutes and
neighborhoods? What does the future city, revitalized by
better transportation, look like?

  • Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
  • Valerie Plante, Mayor, Montréal
  • Kadri Simson, Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Estonia
  • Larry D. De Shon, Chief Executive Officer, Avis Budget Group
  • Moderated by Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, NewCities, Director of Strategy, LA CoMotion

  • from 10:10
  • to 10:30am

Keynote Conversation - Electric, Autonomous, and Reviving the Industry

  • John Rossant, Founder & Chief Curator, LA CoMotion
  • RJ Scaringe, Founder & CEO, Rivian

  • from 10:30
  • to 11:15am

Networking Break

  • from 11:15
  • to 12:15pm
Personal Mobility & Street Space
Human Centric Design & Healthy Cities

Parallel Sessions

Panel >> Interactive Discussion Redesigning the Street

Streets comprise from a quarter to three-quarters of cities’ public space. New mobility patterns give city leaders, planners, and residents the opportunity to reclaim streets and sidewalks as dynamic places for gathering, walking, or cycling. Understanding the implications of good street design can help create arteries of wellbeing for thriving cities. What does truly human-centric street-design look like, and what are best practices for creating it?

  • Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director, Bolloré BlueSolutions UK & USA
  • Jen De Melo, Director, Programs & Operations, KABOOM!
  • Alexandra Dublanche, Vice President, Paris Region
  • Meg Merritt, Principal, Nelson\Nygaard
  • Gabe Klein, Co-Founder, CityFi
  • Moderated by Neal Gorenflo, Co Founder, Shareable

Workshop - Home and MaaS: Bundled in Living Experience – Hosted by JalonMTL

Workshop - Competition for the Curb: Finding the Highest and Best Uses for Curbs - Hosted by UCLA & UC Davis ITS

Workshop - More than Minivans: Gender Equity in Transportation - Hosted by Investing in Place

Expert Meeting - Disrupting Disruption Culture - Hosted by SF Municipal & County Transit Authorities - Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - Blockchain, Distributed Ledger and RegTech for 21st Century Transport - Hosted by Intelligent Transport Forum - Invitation Only

  • from 12:15
  • to 1:15pm


  • from 12:30
  • to 2pm

Lunchtime session: A Laboratory for Sustainable Transportation: SCAG’s Future Communities Pilot ProgramInvitation Only

  • from 1:15
  • to 1:25pm

Spotlight on San José

  • Sam Liccardo, Mayor, San José

  • from 1:25
  • to 2:15pm
Cities 3.0: Mobility Infrastructure

Main Stage Panel - Riding New Currents: E-Mobility and the Future of the Grid

Electrifying transport will be revolutionary… but it won’t be easy. E-mobility at scale has huge implications for the built environment, the future of the grid, and the massive energy transition to renewable fuels. Rewiring the grid to charge vast fleets of vehicles will require fundamental changes in urban infrastructure. What new infrastructure will take shape and how can old infrastructure be repurposed?

  • Jill C. Anderson, Vice President, Customer Programs & Services, Southern California Edison
  • Richard Bruce, Director of Energy, Technology and Innovation, UK Department for Transport
  • William Chernicoff, Senior Manager – Global Research & Innovation, Toyota Mobility Foundation
  • Frank Muehlon, Head of Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, ABB
  • Cathy Zoi, CEO, EVgo
  • Moderated by Matt Petersen, President and CEO, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

  • from 2:15
  • to 2:25pm

Spotlight on the Netherlands

  • Mark Frequin, Director-General for Mobility, Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement, Government of the Netherlands

  • from 2:25
  • to 3:25pm
Personal Mobility & Street Space
Healthy Cities

Parallel Sessions

Panel >> Interactive Discussion MicroMobility and LEVs: A Passing Craze or a Fundamental Shift?

What if the future of urban transport is two wheels instead
of four? The rise of micromobility — encompassing docked and dockless bike-sharing, e-bikes, electric scooters, and more – may be the last-mile solution cities have been searching for. What are ways to incentivize active and sustainable personal mobility? How can urban infrastructure be rethought to prioritize people? How can new mobility innovation and policy be balanced through more collaboration between public and private actors?

  • Jeff Marootian, Director, District Department of Transportation
  • Jeff Russakow, CEO, Boosted
  • Claudia Wasko, General Manager, Bosch eBike Systems Americas
  • Rudy Salo, Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Moderated by Chris Teale, Associate Editor , Smart Cities Dive

Workshop - MORE LA: Transforming Parking to Places in Southern California - Hosted by Woods Bagot - Invitation Only

Workshop - Writing the Playbook for Smart Cities - Hosted by Smart Columbus

Workshop - The Future of Hydrogen Powered Mobility - Hosted by Shell

Expert Meeting - Olympics as the Catalyst for Mobility Behavioural Change - Hosted by Arcadis - Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - NYC L-train Shutdown: Understanding Implications to Drive Innovative Solutions Hosted by Forum for the Future, NYCEDC & Coord - Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - New Mobility: An Opportunity for Enhanced Accessibility Hosted by NYC Department of Transportation - Invitation Only

  • from 3:25
  • to 4pm

Networking Break

  • from 4
  • to 4:45pm
Shared Transportation & MaaS
Autonomous Future & Digital Services

Main Stage Panel - The Future of Ride-Hailing, Shared Mobility

As the shared economy continues to disrupt traditional mobility flows, the decline of personal car ownership seems to be an increasingly realistic prospect. Carpooling no longer relies on the minivan. It has evolved over the past decade into complex systems of ridesharing: from cars, bikes and now scooters that not only are changing the way we think about getting around but impacting the usage of our roads, curbs and sidewalks. At this rate of change, what does the future of shared mobility hold? How is the sharing economy gearing up for autonomy? And, in the United States at least, does the debate over shared versus individual car ownership threaten to become a highly politicized Second Amendment-type issue?

  • Pras Ganesh, Program Director, Toyota Mobility Foundation
  • Gina Fiandaca, Transport Commissioner, City Of Boston
  • Lili Rudis, Principal, Via
  • Aarjav Trivedi, CEO & Co-Founder, RideCell
  • Moderated by Harry Campbell, Founder and CEO, The Rideshare Guy

  • from 4:45
  • to 5pm

Keynote - Rethinking our Urban Space

  • Ma Yansong, Founder & Principal Partner, MAD Architects

  • from 5
  • to 5:30pm
Freight & Urban Supply Changes
Autonomous Future & Digital Services

FireSide Chat - The Future of the Urban Supply Chain

From global trade routes to hyperlocal deliveries, traditional supply chains are being revolutionized. New technologies, from data-driven logistics to hyperloop, autonomous trucking, deliverybots and drones, prompt us to rethink urban and regional logistics. With the delivery of more and more goods at our fingertips, and mobility modes such as the hyperloop looking to further compress time and space, what does the future hold for the freight industry?

  • Rob Lloyd, CEO, Virgin Hyperloop One
  • Bastian Lehmann, Co-founder and CEO, Postmates
  • Moderated by Tom Madrecki, Director of Urban Innovation and Mobility, UPS

  • from 5:30
  • to 6:15pm
Shared Transportation & MaaS
Digital Services

Main Stage Panel - Providing the Service of Seamless Mobility

With new mobility options constantly popping up, cities must oversee a diverse transport ecosystem that integrates public and private modes. How can each of the new privately-provided modes - from micromobility to ridehailing and AVs - best contribute to the public benefit, and how can city policies shape mobility choices to support those priorities? How can a comprehensive mobility as a service offering answer the divergent transport needs of all urbanites? What does seamless transport look like and how can cities achieve it? What steps do cities need to take to become the managers of their full transport systems?

  • Raj Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer , Lyft
  • Yann Leriche, CEO Transdev North America and Head of the B2C Business Line and Autonomous Transportation Systems, Transdev
  • Martin McMullan, Director, Connected Journeys NZ Transit Agency
  • Emily Warren, Senior Director of Policy & Public Affairs , Lime
  • Moderated by Shailen P. Bhatt, President and CEO, Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America)

  • from 6:15
  • to 8:30pm

Celebrate LA Reception

  • from 7:30

Registration & Information

  • from 9
  • to 9:25am
Aerial Mobility
Cities 3.0: Mobility Infrastructure

Fireside Chat - The View from Above: Managing the Onset of UAVs

With street space at premium, cities and companies alike are looking to the skies as new venues for passenger and parcel transport. Whether cargo drones, air taxis, or warehouse airships, new tech will disrupt fundamental notions of urban density and connectivity. What policies can cities put in place to reap the benefits while protecting cities and citizens?

  • Eric Allison, Head of Aviation Programs, Uber
  • Florian Reuter, CEO & Managing Director, Volocopter GmbH
  • Moderated by Francois Chopard, Founder & CEO, Starbust Accelerator

  • from 9:25
  • to 9:45pm

Fireside Chat - If These Streets Could Talk

The citizens of LA are among the first in the nation to access 5G home broadband network, the next generation of internet service that provides fast wi-fi. The high speed and ultra-low latency will have a profound impact not only on residents, but business and the local economy. What does this mean for LA, and how can this service help other cities improve traffic flow, ensure safety and promote sustainability? Can innovative PPPs be leveraged to create more digitally inclusive and efficient cities?

  • Jeanne Holm, Deputy CIO and Senior Technology Advisor, City of Los Angeles
  • Mrinalini (Lani) Ingram, VP, Verizon Smart Communities
  • Moderated by Alan Ohnsman, Senior Editor, Future Mobility, Forbes

  • from 9:45
  • to 10:25am

Spotlight on Los Angeles

LA remains ground zero of the mobility revolution - a position it has held for decades. The actors leading this effort will discuss how new technologies, services, and unprecedented investments in transit will reshape the city.

  • Christopher Hawthorne, Chief Design Officer, City of LA
  • Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LADOT
  • Phillip A. Washington, CEO, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Moderated by Alissa Walker, Urbanism Editor, CURBED

  • from 10:25
  • to 11:10am
Digital Services

Main Stage Panel - Opening Up: Smart Data for Smarter Mobility

The ability to leverage data from a wide variety of actors is
the key to understanding travel behavior and moving towardsmore efficient planning. Through shared, standardized, and interoperable information flows, responsive multimodal transport can flourish. How can the public and private sectors move towards more collaborative and open relationships surrounding data? How can new technologies create more efficient transport tools? How can anonymization and
aggregation be enforced to protect citizen privacy?

  • Tilly Chang, Executive Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • Tiffany Chu, Co-founder and COO, Remix
  • Mark Frequin, Director-General for Mobility, Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement, Government of the Netherlands
  • Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, Otonomo
  • Chris Ballinger, Founder and CEO, MOBI
  • Moderated by Philippe Crist, Advisor, Innovation and Foresight, International Transport Forum

  • from 11:10
  • to 11:40am

Networking Break

  • from 11:40
  • to 12:40pm
Inclusive Transportation
Human Centric Design & Healthy Cities
Shared Transportation

Parallel Sessions

Panel >> Interactive Discussion Women in Transport

Women experience mobility very differently than men. They pay a “pink tax” on their movement through the city, as they must navigate obstacles of timing, family, and safety often overlooked by men. How can cities promote women-centric design and encourage women leadership in transportation? How can issues of safety in public transit and public space more generally be tackled?

  • Michelle Boehm, Southern California Regional Director, California High-Speed Rail Authority
  • Gina Fiandaca, Transport Commissioner, City Of Boston
  • Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Founder and Director , Laboratorio para la Ciudad
  • Karina Ricks, Director Office of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh
  • Moderated by Sarah Kaufman, Associate Director, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation

Workshop - Accelerating Transportation Electrification: A Public-Private Roadmap - Hosted by LACI

Workshop - Smart Mobility: Open Architectures for Digital and Physical Infrastructure - Hosted by Parsons

Workshop - ePowering the LAPD: New Mobility for Urban Enforcers - Hosted by Bosch E-Bike Systems & LAPD

Expert Meeting - How Open Streets Inspire Livable Cities – Hosted by CicLAvia

Expert Meeting - Mobility and Cross Sector Hydrogen Systems - Hosted by Toyota Mobility Foundation - Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - Components of a Successful Road Pricing Program - Hosted by UCLA, UCDavis, T4A - Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - Media Opportunities for Shared AVs: Capturing the 25th Hour of the Day- Hosted by the Augmented City - Invitation Only

  • from 12:40
  • to 1:40pm


  • from 1pm

Start of 24h Hack.4Mobility Hackathon - Hosted by moovel and Daimler Digital Life

Hack.LAMobility challenges students and professionals to work in teams and build innovative technology and transportation solutions with some of the latest IoT hardware and transit backend systems to reinvent mobility in LA. Final pitches and closing ceremony, 1:00-2:30pm on Saturday Nov 17.

  • from 1:40
  • to 1:55pm

Spotlight on Estonia

  • Kadri Simson, Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Estonia

  • from 1:55
  • to 2:40pm
Shared Transportation & MaaS

Panel - Shifting Commuter Habits, Placing Public Transit First

The current mobility revolution is a cultural shift as much as a technological one. How can new mobility solutions and active transportation solve the first-last mile issue? Should public transit be free, and should congestion charges be the new norm? What does the future hold for public transportation?

  • Michael Hurwitz, Director of Transport Innovation, Transport for London
  • Alvaro Ramis, Head of Global Market Development and Partnerships, MOIA
  • Joshua L. Schank, Chief Innovation Officer, LA Metro
  • Jeff Marootian, Director, District Department of Transportation
  • Moderated by Ashley Z. Hand, Co-Founder, CityFi

  • from 2:40
  • to 3pm

Fireside Chat – The Big Shift: MINI - Mobility and Beyond

  • Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management, BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce
  • Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, NewCities, Director of Strategy, LA CoMotion

  • from 3
  • to 4pm
Cities 3.0: Mobility Infrastructure

Parallel Sessions

Panel >> Interactive Discussion Blueprints of the MultiModal City

Integrated, multimodal transportation is central to the way we need to think of urban mobility. Curbs, street space and commercial real estate will be highly impacted by these new forms of mobility. What needs to change in curb management? How can new mobility solutions solve the first-last mile issue?

  • Dick Alexander, Executive Vice President, Transdev North America
  • Regina Clewlow, CEO & Founder, Populus
  • Russ Brooks, Director, Smart Cities for Transportation for America
  • Gibran Hadj-Chikh, Vice President Strategic Transformation & Innovation, Parsons
  • Justin Holmes, Director, Corporate Communications & Public Policy, Zipcar

Workshop Transit Lanes and Autonomous Gains: Why high-capacity is here to stay - Hosted by Nelson\Nygaard

Workshop - Mapping the Future of Mobility Management - Hosted by Trapeze Group

Workshop Joshua Schank Welcomes LA: Schmooze, Share and Sip - Hosted by Metro – Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - Addressing the Challenges of EV Adoption: A Transit and Heavy-Duty Fleet Perspective - Hosted ABB Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - Jumpstarting eMobility – Enhancing EV Charging Customer Experience - Hosted by Hubject Invitation Only

Expert Meeting - Lifecycle: Where can the bicycle take us?- Hosted by Anna Luten, world’s first Bicycle Mayor Invitation Only

  • from 4
  • to 4:25pm

Networking Break

  • from 4:25
  • to 5:10pm
Autonomous Future
Cities 3.0: Mobility Infrastructure

Charged up & Ready to Go: Bringing EVs to the Masses

EV demand is growing fast. Keeping up with this surge requires not only new infrastructure but new ways of thinking about the industry. What major challenges does the global EV market face? How are companies driving innovation within it? When can we expect widespread EV penetration? What does the future electric vehicle look like? How can cities deploy EVs as part of their managed fleets?

  • Victor Everhardt, Deputy Mayor, Utrecht
  • Stella Li, President, BYD Motors
  • Karl Thomas Neumann, Head of Mobility, Evelozcity
  • Aric Ohana, Co-Founder, Envoy
  • Moderated by Benoît Georges, Head of Ideas & Debates Department, Les Echos

  • from 5:10
  • to 5:30pm

Fireside Chat - Mobility Access for All

Every day seems to bring a new technology transportation company to the marketplace, but many disadvantaged communities still see their mobility needs go unmet. What does it mean to design people and goods mobility solutions with communities in mind, or to co-design mobility solutions with them? How can we better integrate underrepresented groups into planning the zero emissions future? What mindset shifts do entrepreneurs need to make to actually contribute to mobility needs in disadvantaged communities? How can local and regional public-private partnerships help address these gaps?

  • Adrian Martinez, Staff Attorney, Earthjustice
  • Lilian Coral, ,
  • Moderated by Matt Petersen, President and CEO, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

  • from 5:30
  • to 6:20pm
Autonomous Future

Main Stage Panel - Managing the Revolution: Overcoming the Roadblocks to an AV Future

As the race for autonomy tightens, now is the time to decide on the role of AVs in the future of our cities. Unlocking the benefits of autonomy has tremendous promise for safer roads, more affordable, sustainable and accessible transportation. The success of these goals depends on adequate public private collaboration and multimodal integration. How much space should AVs occupy in our mobility networks? How will autonomy change the way our cities are designed?

  • Ellie Casson, Head of Local Policy, Waymo
  • Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LADOT
  • Karina Ricks, Director Office of Mobility and Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh
  • Raphaël Gindrat, Founder & CEO, Bestmile
  • Peter Glus, Senior Vice President | Global Cities Lead, North America, Arcadis
  • Moderated by Russ Mitchell, Automobiles Reporting and Analysis, Los Angeles Times

  • from 6:20
  • to 6:30pm

Closing Ceremony

  • from 9

Registration & Information

Test Track Opening and Workshop Registration

  • from 10:15am
  • to 5pm

LA CoMotion Mobility Festival

The LA CoMotion Mobility Festival, November 17, is an immersive, open event inviting the general public and conference delegates to experience the most exciting new mobility technologies. Exhibits, workshops, panels, walking tours, test tracks, demos and more in the heart of the Arts District.

Opening up LA CoMotion to Angelenos is in line with our goal to advance better transportation for all and build awareness around the value of new mobility options and healthier cities. Celebrate the rise of a new LA, revitalized by better transportation, as we grow together towards 2028 and beyond.

  • from 1:30
  • to 2pm

Curbed LA presents: Curbside Charrette

  • Alissa Walker, Urbanism Editor, CURBED

  • from 2
  • to 3pm

Rideshare driving in LA and the future of the passenger experience

  • Harry Campbell, Founder and CEO, The Rideshare Guy

  • from 2
  • to 3pm

Bike Centre Workshop: Bicycle Friendly Driver Certificate

  • from 3
  • to 5pm

BUSted Los Angeles comedy show: real stories told by

  • from 3
  • to 5pm

FOLAR Walking Tour: rediscovering the lost potential of the LA River

  • from 9pm

Think: Floyd EXP: concert presented by Wisdome (tickets not included within free festival)


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