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The Necessity of On-the-Go Privacy

The Necessity of On-the-Go Privacy

Brian Hackathorn | November 19, 2017

If you’ve ever travelled for business, especially with layovers, then you are well acquainted with the time spent looking for available plug sockets to charge your iPhone or the seat farthest away from the crying baby or fast food smell. The situation is frustrating, unproductive, and unavoidable. In a world where the modern workforce is increasingly mobile, why haven’t the amenities for mobile working kept up with the technologies that allow for it?

Work demands are now 24/7 and sometimes spur of the moment as businesses operate on a global clock. While technology transformed the ability to be mobile, public infrastructure has not kept pace as the amount of private workspace available to a workforce on the move cannot satisfy this demand. In a world where 34% of the workforce is part of a gig economy (and, according to Intuit Report this number is expected to jump to 43% by 2020), on-the-go privacy is necessary. However, currently the primary option to conduct any type of personal or business interactions in public space is out in the open or huddling into a nearby nook.


Of course there are pseudo-solutions to the privacy crisis in the public sphere: namely, VIP Lounges in airports. While these lounges certainly restrict the number of noises, they do not provide total privacy, nor amenities such as desks, or enough power sockets. With 75% of people experiencing frequent noise while working according to Gallup Report, it is clear that problems associated with working on-the-go run even deeper. Whether to plug in or unplug, we need a place to timeout. Jabbrrbox, a new mobile workplace solutions company, wants to be part of the solution. The company is currently unveiling its on-demand consumer service that will give the mobile workforce access to the modular Jabbrrbox units in a wide variety of open and semi-public spaces including airports, building lobbies, hospitality, conference & venues, retail, transit hubs, etc.

In every aspect of modern life, we can see a trend toward mobility, notably in the increased presence of laptops, tablets, and smartphones in the public sphere. But supply has not kept up with demand: workplace flexibility does not account for the background noise that comes along with conference calls on the street, or those long layovers between flights. That’s where Jabbrrbox comes in — for on-the-go calls or as an on-demand quiet workspace, Jabbrrbox is your space-away-from-office. You have the freedom to choose how you want to activate it.

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Brian Hackathorn, CEO and Co-Founder, Jabbrrbox

Brian has been building, designing and creating dynamic residential, hospitality and commercial space for more than 20 years with a focus on technology companies with Shutterstock, Mashable and Dropbox. Brian’s work has been published in architectural design books as well as Interior Design Magazine on multiple occasions, and he received the prestigious Best of Year Award from Interior Design Magazine. As a creator Brian strives to break down barriers and provide solutions to problems people do not yet know they have.