CoMotion 2024: Nov 12-14 | Los Angeles, CA

CoMotion LA 2022


The Multimodal City: Here, There, Everywhere

Los Angeles provided the world with the model for post-war urbanization and its monomaniacal organization around the automobile. The coming five to ten years or so will be more important than almost any other period in radically transforming cities everywhere and will result in a new model for 21st century cities — one in which mobility is more seamlessly multimodal, sustainable and equitable. We believe LA can be in a position to lead this next phase of urbanization, with new political leadership in the city and the county next fall, as well as a lineup of global mega events, from the FIFA World Cup in 2026 to, of course, the LA Olympics in 2028. The overall theme of CoMotion LA ’22 ‘The Multimodal City: Here, There, Everywhere’ looked at how the various pieces of true multimodality are starting to fit together.

On November 15-17, Global mayors, leading technologists, public transport operators and venture capitalists, start-ups and established players – gathered for CoMotion LA. We needed new solutions, new thinking, and brave challenges to the status quo, to ensure the world emerged from this crisis with smarter, faster, and more equitable mobility systems.

Thank you for joining us in-person at CoMotion LA 2022.


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