CoMotion 2024: Nov 12-14 | Los Angeles, CA

A Powerful Network of Innovators

CoMotion’s yearly Innovators program has one simple goal: to support the best and brightest startups and early-stage companies making mobility more sustainable, multimodal and equitable.

Innovators are at the center of CoMotion activities throughout the year. Apply now for the 2024-25 Cohort to be put forward in the selection process for our annual challenges: M2 Challenge at CoMotion MIAMI and LA New Mobility Challenge at CoMotion LA. Finalists will get to pitch in front of a curated team of investors, VCs, and key players from the public and private sectors.


🎟️ Preferential Access – all-access pass to CoMotion MIAMI, Motivate, and CoMotion LA.

🎤 Possibility to pitch in Miami or Los Angeles as part of the M2 Challenge and LA New Mobility Challenges.

📘 Inclusion in the CoMotion Startup Deck, a digital brochure with key insights about your company and story. The Startup Deck is shared with our network of investors, VCs, and private sector leaders.

🙌 Raise your profile and reach with our bespoke marketing tool-kit. Get featured on the CoMotion network: Innovator profiles are shared on CoMotion’s website, social media networks, and our newsletter.


⚡ Feature a new and differentiated technology

🦅 Be independent, not a subsidiary

💵 Total revenue less than $5 million

⏳ Be less than 6 years old

📈 Have a product in beta at least

This is your chance to make valuable connections with the community and to connect, partner, and close deals with top investors and stakeholders in the mobility space.

Be part of an exclusive network and elevate your business. Applications for the 2024-25 Cohort are now open until March 20, 2024.


iCOMAT logo


iCOMAT, a startup based in Bristol, UK, that is revolutionizing the next generation of cars, trains, planes and spacecraft to be lighter and more sustainable than ever by developing a world first manufacturing process to utilise composites and carbon fibre material.

THE 2024 COHORT - More coming soon!

We are delighted to introduce our 2024 Cohort.

At CoMotion, we focus on recognizing and promoting innovations that have the potential to redefine the mobility landscape. We champion sustainable solutions that address pressing urban challenges.

This year, we have selected 18 mobility startups that are doing just that, across Autonomy, AI, AAM, Maritime, Chip Technology, and more.



Daanaa has a power processing unit that enables free, safe, and efficient energy transfer, eliminating external conversion equipment from systems. The technology is applicable across diverse industries from electric vehicles, battery management systems, and solar power to several others.

Mythos 2


Mythos is crafting a next-gen autonomy framework for the maritime industry, promoting widespread adoption of advanced machine learning and genuine automation.



DIMO is creating a user-owned IoT platform for drivers to gather and share vehicle data. 

Hextronics 2


Hextronics designs, produces, and provides automated drone systems to organizations across the globe.



XOTO builds smart connected self-stabilizing electric motorcycles for urban rental, delivery, and consumer use.

Oonee 2


Oonee unlocks the potential of micromobility by providing parking, charging and other essential services to the growing community of cyclists and riders

Aerolane 2


Aerolane’s mission is to ensure aviation’s second century is clean, affordable and ubiquitous.


CoFlow Jet

CoFlow has developed the advanced stationary CoFlow Jet cylinder wind sails to harness propulsive power from ocean wind for marine shipping decarbonization.

Syn 2


Syntonym offer Generative AI for Privacy – solving the privacy problem for in-cabin and external vehicle cameras with real time, lossless data anonymization.

Hansadrone 2


Hansadrone offers a drone-agnostic B2B saas precision navigation solution for drone delivery in a densely populated urban environment.

Jet Amenities 2

Jet Amenities

Jet Amenities offer Mobility Amenities-as-a-Service for private properties, hotels, and resorts.



StoreXapp is on a mission to build autonomous and sustainable 24/7 stores for retail and automated room-service for hospitality, paired with delivery robots. 



Slé gamifies urban mobility to incentivize smarter transportation decisions.

TrubAI 2


TrubAI is an AI-enabled urban planning data set that identifies the what and the why of congestion patterns in cities so that planners have the information they need to systemically address the problem.

Molnar - Calfee Motorcycles 2

Molnar – Calfee

Molnar – Calfee has developed a standup electric motorcycle with storage space to provide access to any road for the 100m people who have learned to ride rental eScooters.

Swyft Cities 2

Swyft Cities

Swyft Cities offers advanced smart gondola systems as transportation solutions for real estate projects.

Dock-y 3


DOCK-Y build next generation Advanced rider assist System (ARAS) for 2-wheelers. Safety, security and smartness is their key priority for making urban passenger city more accessible.



LUTYO specializes in leveraging advanced AI and data analytics to revolutionize fleet management and sustainability practices, fostering safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Machina Labs 2

Machina Labs

Machina Labs is an advanced manufacturing company out of Los Angeles, CA working on robotic, software-defined factories of the future that are flexible and enable low carbon footprint fabrication of parts and systems.


CoMotion Innovators are automatically nominated as applicants to our annual startup challenges. No additional application is required. A jury of experts comprised of private and public industry leaders and investors will select the finalists for each event.

The criteria for the selection process will be based on the themes for each event and the needs of the local mobility ecosystems. Business model, social impact, and environmental benefits are some of the qualifiers that the jury will consider in their selection process. A CoMotion Innovator can potentially be selected for more than one challenge.


"We really enjoyed the event, it was good publicity, both at the event and afterwards (...) overall it was very very positive in different ways, both on the investment side and in developing partnerships.”
“It’s been a really great event. It’s brought together the right thought-makers. This is the perfect opportunity, the perfect venue, and the perfect audience to be a part of.”
Tiya Gordon
Co-Founder & COO, itselectric
“As a London company, the momentum we built through this success helped us launch our first US office in Los Angeles, quickly leading to a rich pipeline of projects and our first funding raise from a West Coast VC.”
Rebecca Saletta
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Zeti

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