Our Team

John Rossant

Founder & Chief Curator

John Rossant personally leads the CoMotion team. He is the Founder and Chairman of NewCities, a major global non-profit institution dedicated to improving the quality of life and work in cities.

Jonah Bliss

VP of New Media & Marketing, CoMotion; Media and Mobility Fellow, NewCities

Jonah Bliss joined CoMotion in 2019 to lead marketing and media. He brings a wealth of industry-focused experience in launching and growing new mobility providers & media analysis tools, including the world’s first peer-to-peer carsharing company Turo, D2C e-bike leader EVELO, the content analysis platform ContentIntent, and many more.

Timothy Gribaudi

Managing Director, CoMotion Initiative, NewCities

Tim has been working with NewCities since 2015 and has helped develop the program and content of many Foundation events, including Cityquest and the NewCities Summit.

Holly Hixson

Project Coordinator, NewCities

Holly is an avid city-enthusiast with a background in Urban Planning and Psychology. In addition to her role as Project Coordinator for NewCities, she is on the Program Team for CoMotion events.

Jake Laffoley

Creative Director

Jake joined CoMotion in March 2017. He leads the visual communication for all CoMotion events, programs and research.

Greg Lindsay

Director of Strategy, CoMotion, Senior Fellow, NewCities

Greg Lindsay joined NewCities in June 2015 as Senior Fellow to lead our Connected Mobility Initiative. Greg is a journalist, urbanist, futurist, and speaker. He is a non-resident senior fellow of The Atlantic Council in their Strategic Foresight Initiative.

Hannah McCasland

Events and Partnerships Manager, NewCities

Hannah joined NewCities in mid-2018 and is our Events and Partnerships Manager. Prior to joining the NewCities team, she worked in research, events, and communications at Women in Cities International, a nonprofit that advances women’s safety in urban environments.

Anthea Zeng

Program Coordinator

Anthea joined CoMotion at the beginning of 2020. As the CoMotion Program Coordinator, she programs the topics and speakers at the CoMotion LA and Miami conferences.

Grayson Brulte

Senior Advisor, Autonomy at CoMotion, President of Brulte & Company, Co-Founder of Autonomous Tomorrow.

Grayson is the Co-Founder / President of Brulte & Company, a consulting firm that specializes in designing innovation and technology strategies for a global marketplace.

Harry Campbell

Advisor/ Ridesharing, CoMotion, Founder & CEO, The Ridesharing Guy

Harry Campbell is CEO and founder of The Rideshare Guy, a media business that covers the rideshare industry and is one of the top content destinations for Uber and Lyft drivers, and gig workers around the world.

Ashley Z. Hand

Senior Advisor, CoMotion, Co-Founder, CityFi

AIA, LEED AP BD+C is co-founder of the urban change management advisory firm CityFi, advising cities and the private sector on a more human-centered approach to smart cities.

Alex Roy

Global Advisory Board, Director of Special Projects

Alex is the founder of the Human Driving Association, Editor-at-Large at The Drive, host of new mobility podcast The Autonocast, co-host of /DRIVE on NBC Sports and author of The Driver.