CoMotion 2024: Nov 12-14 | Los Angeles, CA


The L.A. New Mobility Challenge is an annual global startup competition focused on innovative, zero-emission solutions for the challenges of urban mobility.

At CoMotion, we put the spotlight on the entrepreneurs and visionaries who are paving the way for a multimodal city.

We are excited to announce the new edition of the LA New Mobility Challenge ‘22, where startups from all over the world will have a chance to take the stage and present their innovative mobility solutions to investors, VCs, and public leaders during CoMotion LA, November 15-17, 2022.


Previous LANMC winners have used the event as a springboard for further growth: raising million of dollars in subsequent financing, while disrupting the mobility industry. Past winners include:

2021 Winner: ENSO, developing better tires for electric vehicles and working directly with OEMs and EV fleets to extend EV range, while reducing carbon emissions and tire pollution.

2020 Winner: Zeti, working to disrupt zero emissions cargo vehicle financing, out of the United Kingdom!

2019 Winner: Xtelligent – an infrastructure company developing the traffic signals of tomorrow.

2018 Winner: Metro Africa Express – a personal mobility company committed to making moto-taxis safe, affordable and accessible across West Africa.

2017 Winner: Swiftly – a smart infrastructure company developing enterprise software to help transit agencies and cities improve urban mobility.


The UK’s Department for International Trade will host the finalist on a bespoke mobility innovation tour. The tour will include visits to London, the Midlands, and beyond, meeting with key partners, stakeholders, R&D centres and government officials. The hosted tour will be an excellent opportunity to engage with the diverse and engaged UK mobility ecosystem. All hotel accommodations and UK travel are included.

Introductions to key stakeholders

• Featured episode on the Fast Forward Podcast presented by CoMotion

• Promotion on CoMotion networks

• Free tickets to CoMotion LA ’23


Congratulations to itselectric for winning the sixth edition of the LA New Mobility Challenge, supported by the UK’s Department for International Trade and Alliance for SoCal Innovation.

The mission of NYC-based itselectric is simple: advancing the adoption of electric vehicles by bringing curbside charging to the millions of drivers who cannot charge at home as they park their cars on city streets.

itselectric overcomes urban infrastructure barriers as they let buildings power publicly accessible chargers; giving property owners the option to earn passive income while making it easier for everyone to charge EVs.



• Have a new & differentiated technology ⚡

• Be independent, not a subsidiary 🦅

• Total annual revenue less than $5 million 💵

• Be less than 6 years old in Nov, 2022 ⏳

• Product in beta at least 📈


If you are a startup making a real impact in our ecosystem, we encourage you to apply to be part of the LA New Mobility Challenge.

Applications closed, October 31th 2022.


Thanks to all the judges of the LA New Mobility Challenge. They will bring in their expertise to evaluate the seven finalists following criteria such as environmental, social, and economic impact.

John Moavenzadeh, Executive Director of MIT Mobility

Lauren Harper, Senior Manager of Market Transformation Program Administration, LACI

Ben Marcus, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, UP PARTNERS

Fenton Jagdeo, Jr, Toronto Transit Commissioner, Investor + Advisor

Kunal Khatri, Deputy HM Trade Commissioner, North America, at Department for International Trade (DIT)

Matias Gorfinkiel, Director of Operations, NYVUS


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