2020 Program Coming Soon


This year’s gathering is focused around four critical tracks:


Innovations: New Energy & Sustainable Solutions

Touching on the transition to new, decarbonized propulsion systems like hydrogen fuel cells and battery electric, as well as empowering active and shared mobility.

Ecosystems: Data, Privacy & The Cities of Tomorrow

Exploring key topics like MDS, IoT, 5G as well as MaaS, data governance, and the new commuting patterns emerging post-pandemic.

Advancements: Venture Capital & Scaling Future Mobility

Diving into emerging transportation modes like urban aerial mobility and autonomous vehicles, micromobility and delivery – and the venture funders powering these innovation leaps. And get a glimpse into the mobility of the future with this year’s LA New Mobility Challenge.

Impacts: Equity & Action

Focusing on topics like curbs and infrastructure, complete streets, the 15-minute city, and building a world where new mobility is equally accessible to all.

We’ll be releasing the full program shortly; in the meantime learn more about this year’s event.

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